Instructions for Referee and Scorekeeper Training

You must be a current USAV member to take this training.

Before you begin:

1. You will need your USAV (Webpoint) username and password. This is the username and password that was used to register for USA Volleyball membership and will be used to register for your referee and scorekeeper training courses also.

2. Please ensure that your USAV (Webpoint) username contains at least 4 characters and that your password does not contain any special characters ($, %, #, !, etc.) The USA Volleyball Academy (volleyballreftraining system) uses your USAV (Webpoint) logon credentials and will not accept usernames/passwords that do not meet the criteria described above. All username and password information used in previous years at has been deleted.

3. Currently, players may only hold either a referee or scorer certification (not both), so please ask your coach which courses to take before attempting the training.
4. This training contains flash video and pop ups, so please do not attempt to take this training on a tablet, phone or iPad. Be at a computer with internet access (and pop-up block disabled) when you begin the training and allow about an hour for each course of the training. (Please note, when accessing Webpoint in IE11, you will need to run it in Compatibility mode)

To begin the training:

1. Click on this link to login to Webpoint and register for your training through the Old Dominion Region
2. Once you have logged into Webpoint, you will see an “Event Registration” tab on the “Member’s Area” menu on the left hand side of the screen. Click on this tab and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on the “Region Ref/Score Clinics” tab to enter the clinic selection menu page.
3. Click on the “+Register” tab to the right of the clinic that you are planning to complete.
4. On the next screen, click “Submit” to select the clinic and click “Register” on the next screen to complete the registration process.
5. A “registration confirmation” window will pop up. Click “OK”. At the bottom of the screen you will click on “Click Here” to be taken from the Webpoint system to the Learning Management System (LMS) of the USA Volleyball Academy. (
6. You are now in the Learning Management System (LMS) of the USA Volleyball Academy. Use your Webpoint username and password and click “GO” to proceed.
7. You will now see the clinic(s) that you registered for. Click the green clinic icon to display the subsections and quiz you are required to complete for the course. (You must complete all subsections and quizzes to receive certification for the training)
8. Click on the blue subsection icon to begin that element of the clinic. The training is self-paced and you may pause or stop and restart each course as many times as is necessary to complete the clinic.
9. Once you have completed all of the elements within the clinic, you will receive an email from the Academy indicating that you have successfully completed all the elements of that particular clinic and you will be provided a certificate indicating that you have completed that particular clinic. Your clinic completion will appear in your Webpoint record and will also appear on the team roster.